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UX, UI & Web design


Pobble makes writing "ridiculously exciting" for children, by allowing them to proudly show their written work to a global audience. It safely introduces them to the online social environment. Pobble also allows teachers to moderate pupil's work online with colleagues and find resources for teaching lessons.

As the sole designer on the product team, I worked on the whole user experience design process, including user journeys, wire-framing, mock ups, full user interface designs, prototypes and handoff to the developers. Since joining I have designed around 10 new platform features which have launched with a positive impact on Pobble's progression.

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The work pages on Pobble are accessible to a global audience. A teacher can publish a finite amount of pieces of work each week written by their class. Children who become published authors are always very proud and excited to have their stories read by children and adults around the world.

Workview was redesigned to allow users to read an overview, view comments and leave their own all whilst still been able to see the work.

The previous Version

This is how workview looked when I first joined Pobble.

The work was at the top of the page and the information and comments were down below, meaning  on long pages with a lot of comments wouldn’t be able to see the work at the same time as leaving your own comment.

From here it was redesigned from scratch to allow the user to see the work, information and comments all on screen at once. This makes it easier for the user to refer to the part of the work they are leaving a comment about.

The new sidebar

The new sidebar contains  an overview of the work.

By default this only shows the author, age group, title and description. On expansion the school, upload date and tags are revealed.

For the comments section the speech bubbles we given a fresh look. Adult comments are represented by a dark bubble and childrens by a light. If the author leaves a comment their bubble is flipped and coloured grey, making it feel more like a conversation as in chat interfaces.

A flag is shown alongside the comments date. Pobble has schools all over the world and pupils get very excited when international users leave comments on their work.

The previous Version

This is how search  looked when I joined Pobble.

The search filters used to be below the search bar but have now been aligned alongside the search bar into buttons and dropdowns.

The cards previously had the work at the bottom of the card which were auto cropped to a set dimension. In the new version the photos of work take precedence at the top and the image height varies based on the image suppliled rather than cropping any of the users work off.


Pobble wants to help teachers throughout the entire lesson process from preparation to delivery. We built a new Resources Search part to the platform allowing teachers to quickly find resources. We hand selected a multitude of education resource providers for teachers to choose from and add to their lesson builder to display to their pupils.


Resources was a whole new project, built from the ground up. We added a sidebar with filters to enhance the power of the search. This allowed users to filter at a higher level between what resources/files they will be searching and then down into a deeper set of filters for each one.

The initial cards were loosely based on the old "work cards" at the time, but with the image moved to the top. Eventually these evolved over time like the "work cards" to allow the full image to be displayed as well as tightening up line-heights and spacings etc.